Latitude organizes cases, automates tasks and eliminates administrative burdens so rehab professionals can focus on what's important — people.

The Latitude Desktop™ Suite


Latitude Desktop organizes cases, contacts, files, status, bills and reports in one system


Latitude Link downloads cases and updates directly from the source (State L&I Departments)


Latitude Mobile syncs your cases and contacts, and allows you to case note from your tablet or phone


Latitude Express integrates email and fax so you can send and receive files directly from your cases

Designed for Voc

Instantly access key info

No more searching through paper—all of your information is organized in your "electronic working file." Latitude's simple design allows you to minimize non-billable time, easily find cases, create new files, and review work.

Simplify your billing process

Produce invoices without rekeying data or reviewing paper files. Simply enter billable time as part of case noting and Latitude does the rest. Invoice validation, remittance advice, fee cap alerts, and syncing with Quickbooks & Peachtree simplify the process.

Organize and re-use work

Search for documents within a case or across all cases. When it’s time to create a new document, choose a template from the Job Analysis (JA) bank, the Labor Market Survey (LMS) bank, or your firm's shared library.

Benchmark performance and trends

Analyze your firm's productivity, workload, and pending tasks. Also view your firm’s share of cases, change in volume, and demographics so you can benchmark against competitors.

Access a shared directory

Quickly find and attach contacts to your cases without re-typing information. All of your key contacts are stored in a single, secure system that is accessible from your phone or computer.

Build integrated templates

Latitude integrates with Microsoft Word templates so you can quickly and easily create commonly used documents. Choose from over 300 fields that will insert text/data directly into your documents.

Share work within teams

Latitude is an ideal platform for collaborating on shared cases—whether you're working side-by-side or across the state. View, share, and update info as a team (with an audit history to see who/when changes were made).

Send/receive faxes within cases

With one click, Latitude’s integrated faxing allows each user to send and receive faxes from within their cases using their own fax number. Email notifications, .pdf review, and delivery status/confirmations are all included.

Access cases, contacts, and notes

With the Latitude Mobile App, carry all your case info and contacts in the palm of your hand. Case notes created while on the go are automatically synced to Latitude.

Setup and train from your desk

Latitude assigns a client coordinator to help you configure your system and get trained over the phone and Internet. Maintenance and upgrades are free, so you always stay up-to-date on new requirements and regulations.

Clear Savings

+ Maximize Billings

1. Eliminate Rate Mistakes:

The Rate Tracker ensures you’re billing at the proper and maximum rate for the task.

2. Avoid Exceeding Fee Caps:

The Fee Cap Advisor helps you track billing against the fee cap as the case progresses.

3. Case Note Anywhere:

The Latitude Mobile App lets you access contacts and record case notes from your phone or mobile device.

4. Send Tasks to Specialists:

Task Assignment allows you to oversee work assigned to support staff or specialists.

1. Setting Up Cases:

Latitude Link™ downloads cases and updates, then notifies you automatically.

2. Sending Progress Reports:

The Reporting Tool tracks due dates and creates a draft report from case notes.

3. Creating Invoices:

The Invoicing Wizard collects and formats billable items; integrates with accounting software.

4. Producing Documents:

Latitude Library™ provides templates to quickly create and re-use common docs.

1. No More Fax Machine:

Latitude Express™ provides integrated fax with confirmations stored in your cases.

2. No More Copying & Mailing:

The “Send Link” Feature lets you securely share files and manage ongoing access.

3. No Needless Travel:

The Collaboration Directory keeps you in sync with your team across locations.

4. No More Office:

Latitude Manager™ puts the resources of an office in a desktop solution.

Smart Pricing

When your caseload goes down...

While case management systems in other industries charge a fixed month fee, we understand the ebb and flow of VRC caseloads and how it impacts your bottom line.

So does your monthly fee

As a result, we designed pricing that flexes with you (based on the number of cases you work on in a given month) and reflects only the features you need (like data feeds from the state, email updates, etc.). Volume discounts and targeted pricing for L&I and self-insured work are also built in.

Ready To Get Started?

As founder of Atlas Development and designer of the Latitude Suite, I'd be happy to show you our software and discuss how it can help your firm. Feel free to contact me directly:

Jon Thompson


Every request by our team has been met with expediency and a virtual smile. We are thrilled that Latitude is part of the NurseWorks Northwest team!

Tricia Daniels
    NurseWorks Northwest